Fly fishing

Fishing club Šempeter has a long flyfishing tradition. Our flyfishing trophy part of Savinja 6 districts is well known for its big and healthy salmonid population.
Wild rivers Bolska and Motnišnica are known for all natural fish that represents challenge for any flyfishing expert.

Flyfishing trophy part straches 4km from bridge in Letuš to our headquarters in the village Preserje near Podvinski dam.

Savinja has a very diverse fish population. Main flyfishing species are brown trouts (Salmo trutta fario), rainbow trouts (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and graylings (Thymallus thymallus).
Deep pools also hide the king of Savinja Hucho (Huchen). Anglers will also be able to catch ciprinid fish species such as trophy size cubs, nases and barbels.

   Price   Rules
Fishing permits  30,00 € buy online - standard flyrod with one artificial fly (dry fly, wet fly, nymph, streamer) attached is allowed
- barbless hooks or hooks with a pinched barb are mandatory

Selling points

Ribiški dom
Preserje 9a
3314 Braslovče
tel: +386 (41) 456 994Objava | dom | urejevalnik | out5.jpg
Dnevni Bar Tas
Malteška cesta 106
3313 Polzela
tel: +386 (40) 800 473
Objava | dom | urejevalnik | tas.jpg
TopCar Café
Ob Savinji 1
3313 Polzela
tel: +386 (0)3 705 01 20
Objava | kamp | urejevalnik | slide_kamp.jpg
Prenočišča in kamp Park
Latkova vas 227
3312 Prebold
tel: +386 (0)41 472 496
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Prijava krivolova, onesnaženja, pogina... 041 456 994